Tag: minimalism

Monochrome home design in Antwerp by Brussels-based architect Nicolas Schuybroek

Location: Antwerp, Belgium Project Year: 2016 Photo: Claessens & Deschamps, Thomas de Bruyne MK house is a recently renovated monochrome home design located in the historic center of Antwerp….

An art studio design of Juxtapositions by Office PROJECT in Beijing, China

Location: Beijing, China Project Year: 2016 Area: 800 m2 Photo: Sun Haiting The main designers of Office PROJECT, Chang Ke and LiVenhan, were hired by their client, artist and writer,…

Aristocrat apartment B in Berlin by Thomas Kröger

Location: Berlin, Germany Project Year: 2017 Photo: Thomas Heimann Aristocrat apartment B by Thomas Kröger is located at West of the German capital in the rich and vibrant…